Evidences – Jesuits sink the Titanic

Why did the Jesuits build and sink the titanic?

Because they needed another proof that the Nostradamus verses would be true. Indoctrination of gods (the conspiracies) power. At the same time they killed all their enemies that were blocking their takeover of the worldwide banking system. Wiped out the whole families of the wealthiest parties to these days… to kill two birds with one stone.

Whatever explanations come from deniers, the facts are totally clear and obvious. The Titanic sunk, the people died, it was covered up by a Nostradamus prophecy by the Jesuits and christian fundamentalists and the consequences of this coup were huge. They launched 3 world wars and this all happened. Anyone from then on opposing them or the US or Israel is ethnically cleansed of the map. No one was left opposing on the layer of internal US politics, maybe Kenndies. These facts, and that this initial assassination, that cleared the way for it, was covered up by the faked Nostradamus verse, should make it clear for anyone who is behind all this. Its a conglomerate of christian, jewish and monotheist elite / leadership.

This all happened to us and its has a massive scale. Its reality. 300 Million people killed by the network since Titanic. The enemy agents come then with some silly arguments and ct / scapegoat tactics and warfare technology to silence the people. That is just totally perverted and sick and it unveils them with the first word they say. They can also not talk about it and can only use more ‚dirty tactics‘ to silence those speaking out the vital information.

Why did the Jesuits build and sink the titanic?

„they gave instructions to the captain to sink the titanic, and why did they sink the titanic, lenny.

Because three of the richest and most imporant men in the world, gugenheim, strauss, and john jacob aster, blocked the vatican banks takeover of the american banking system.

Those three men were worth 500 million dollars

At the time…

And that would have been billions and billions in this era. So their families were basically wiped out on that ship?

J.P. morgan was ordered by the Jesuits to build the Titanic. This unsinkable ship would serve as the death ship for those who oppose the Jesuit plan for a Federal Reserve System.“

The Secret Terrorists – Chapter 5: The Sinking of the Titanic [part1 of 2] /watch?v=D3UBKTyST8s

Since the early 1830’s America did not have a central bank. The Jesuits desperately wanted another central bank in America so that they would have a bottomless reservoir for their many wars. (…)

In 1910 seven men on Jekyll Island met to establish a central bank, which they called the Federal Reserve. These men where Nelson Aldrich, Frank Vanderlip, both representing the Rockefeller empire, Henry Davidson, Charles Norton, and Benjamin Strong, representing JP Morgan, and Paul Warburg representing the Rothschild Banking Dynasty of Europe. We have already seen that the Rothschilds were the banking agents for the papacy’s jesuits, holding „the key to the wealth of the Roman Catholic Church“. (…)

These three financial families the Rothschilds, Morgans and Rockefellers all do the bidding for the Jesuit Order because of Jesuit infiltration in their organizations. They do whatever is necessary to destroy constitutional liberty in America and to bring the pope to world domination.

(The titanic was in the fleet of the White Star Line, and this Shipping company was part of a international shipping trust that was created by Morgan.)

There were a number of very rich and powerful men who made it abundantly clear that they are not in favor of the the Federal Reserve System. JP Morgan was ordered by the Jesuits to build the Titanic. This „unsinkable“ ship should serve as a death ship for those opposing the Jesuits plan for the FED.

(They killed with if almost the whole financial elite to these times, that was not involved in the Jesuit conspiracy. To have absolutely free hands to do what ever they want to. Same as they tried with the Gunpowder Plot from Guy Fawkes by the way, wanted to blow up the whole protestant English parliament, clergy, king and monarchy and the whole nobility with one bomb at the opening day of the parliament 1605. )

They built the Titanic, gave it the name from a forged verse of nostradamus, that is very clear like with the Great Fire of London. Then they sunk it themselves, killed a lot of their most important enemies in it, to later tell to the people that with this they would be able to prove the correctness of the nostradamus verses. Its all a very big hoax.

But it is done to make the people approve anything genocide, ethnic cleansing, world wars, eradication of those speaking against or opposing this terrible development. Its a simple wornout method of stopping the people to accuse the terrible wars carried out by ‚themselves‘, their country by diverting them through some simple ‚prophecy‘. Its the religion for the simple minded, because to fall for it you must first be made totally dumb by other indoctrination. However they create a aura of invincibility. They cover up the criminal act with the ‚christian religion‘. So if you accuse the criminal act, mostly eradication of species, murder, torture, genocide you would dare to accuse the ‚whole christianity‘ and even the other monotheists and the non-monotheists supporting them or ignoring them too. Because the criminal act, that you accuse, is ‚gods will‘.


What a silly ship confident from England, named after the very strong Titan, lured by the ice of the Atlantic, a thing very well
understood… after the Sea has killed more than MD

(MD is with roman numbers = 1500, its totally faked, Nostradamus didnt even write this, this translation only comes in place by ‚codifying‘ the verse with some obscure methods that only vaticanic elite seems to understand.)




I don’t have time to research this and provide the sources accurately, but it doesn’t matter anyhow. Just to say, the monotheist elite is ruling almost the whole planet or at least all of the west. And they do it by faked prophecy. What i say on the startpage is right and they really plan to destroy all life on earth. This is another very strong evidence, and all this people that try to suppress this truth are little cowards and killers of planets… and i tell you this messianc bibilical monotheists are so backstabbing and sadistic and greedy, and they are the very heart of christianity. The whole christianity is built on this faked prophecies, first tora and bible prophecy then nostradamus and malaki and really to fall for this dumb astrological idiocy and their plans to destroy the world is pathetic. And i really hope humanity is not so stupid to further support their doctrine of intolerance of live and spiritiuality and power of the people, symbolized in the monotheism. The god that doesn’t tolerate other beings to be strong and powerful. Really its ridiculous and annoying.

They question is as we know that the christians want to fulfill their prophecies, what are the key prophecies they want to fullfil and what needs to be stopped and turned into contrary to stop them? The most important of them is the destruction of all life on earth, the apocalypse. so everyone should understand that and do the exact opposite of what the jesuits / monotheist elite wants us to do, and that is by saving the environment and destroying everything that is a threat to the environment. Secondly they want to infiltrate islam to make it a partner in the unity of the abramhic religions, sooo dont allow them to infiltrate it. Next: All they do this for monotheism and christianity and judaism… take them away monotheism and evolve real and strong polytheistic heathen nature religions, it would be all very simple, if the people would just understand what the monotheists are doing with this faked prophecies… just goddamned wake up understand what is important and do the right things. These monotheists have long enough destroyed everything good and supressed everything and destroyed the whole planet, and evolved technology and transformed ecosystems in monocultures, filled and subdued / surpressed the whole earth. come on its fucking over just stop to baa to race of jesus and other faked „prophets“ and stop surpressing your own powers and abilities of your mind and they will have no chance at all.

No more christiansation and islamisation and what do i know. That is not ok we don’t want these intolerant monotheistic religions that hate the nature and want to kill all live in the universe, its not ok, we don’t want more of them no more transformations of christianity no more wiping out of species and world wars for nonsense. please stop that, if you want to transform, destroy the technology and transform into loving and caring about life and its diversity, no stupid unity and singularity.

They blocked the Fed and thats why they all got killed, they smashed two birds with one stone, like always, completely pathetic that no one wants to understand. its the most obvious thing in the world but the consequence would be to dismiss monotheism and everyone seems to be to corrupted.

the consequence would be to do always exact the contrary of what this monotheists do and plan, that means for us: To save the earth, diversity instead of mono-cultures, polytheism and natural religion instead of monotheism, power for the people instead of theocracy and monarchy, nature instead of technology. but are all to lacy and the children why is noone thinking on the children? magics instead of powerlessness and powerlessness. strength instead of weakness, health instead of sickness and so on. turn everything to good? no one wants that, all corrupted by something like computers, greed, sex, cars and so, humanity has getting used to be lazy, cowardly, stupid.

so humanity lets them do and what is it they do? If they have a problem, they take an atomic bomb or some nice chemicals and bio weapons, erase whole planets, that is only because the people is letting them do it and doesn’t care about the reasons, but fight symptoms, like the monotheists have indoctrinated us over thousands of years.

you know i can tell you exactly what will happen, because the people is too stupid and lets them do. They will now exterminate everyone maybe 8/10 of humanity with some bio or chemical weapon and a gigantic war will break out, then they will say the antichrist has come, but he will not last very long, after this they will take the power again in their hands and build up a empire that will be done in a way, were it is absolutely impossible for the people to revolt. With some mind control weapons will they make us the perfect slaves, then they will exterminate all life on earth, some people will then leave the death earth with spaceships and trying to search other planets. and the joke is this all happens only because we don’t do something against it. That means we are all killers of planets. its very sad, the responsibility for this is ours, it is our core responsibility, if we manage to really overthrow them we save the planet Earth and all species on the long term.

This wiping out of so much live, is not good for our souls, maybe there is nothing that you could do to your soul that has more negative effects, we are all guilty for this killing and it has such a massive scale, that you can’t even imagine it, but this energies will backfire on our souls. if this really happens the technological complex would maybe kill later dozens and millions of planets and we would be guilty for this too. And the eradication of all these species too… that can not be imagined, i mean do you love your dog or your cat? this is just one single individual of a species… and these are milliards and billiards of species that get eradicated… under greatest pain and fear and horror.

This is what christianity and monotheism really are.

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