Debt-list of Christianity

monotheism = supremacism = the problem

monotheism = supremacism = the problem

Debt-list of Christianity, the supremacist doctrine

– Suppression, torture, murder of indigenous and non-christian people in the last 2000 years in America, Australia, Africa, Asia, Russia, Europe
– Cultivation, support and coverup of pedophile rings
– Extinction of approx 5 000 000 SPECIES of the Earth
– Purposely destruction of the planet Earth, systematic overpopulation, visioning of the masses on the destruction of planets, systematic destruction of ecosystems (mono cultures)
– Murder of 200 000 000 – 500 000 000 people
– 3 World wars
– Suppression of revolution that would honestly change the causes
– Burning alive of approx 5 000 000 people
– Torture with modern technology, development and perfection of torture technology in the last 2000 years
– Development of pharma industry, genetics, modern weapon- and torture technology and application against all lifeforms

Please help to complete and spread the list


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