the hidden inquisition and torture programs

Since hundreds of years the christians execute everyone that is a problem for them in public and everyone sees and knows it. Earlier you were burned today you go into the humanexperimentation programs of the (monotheist) secret services and the technological complex, these victims are killed with methods of stigmatization and mobbying. The mobbying is carried out by the secret services and it is done years and decades and extensive that it drives the people to suicide or homicide. When the inquisition is behind you, there is no one helping the victims because of the monotheists, governments and secret services, they completely isolate the victimes where they can better experiment and torture them. Snowden has uncovered a very tiny bit of the hidden inquisition and torture programs and how they are profiling on a secret service level. It is never mentoined in the media or whereever, that the inquisition is doing this since 800 years and that the profiling and torture methods are coming from and are carried out by christianity, the papacy and the monotheist elite. In reality people are killed daily and in public and everyone knows it in the west, but this is never told in public. Its an open secret and this people are killed after decades of the most perfected torture that exists.

The Inquisition: Alive And Well After 800 Years

„In the wrong hands, the tools of repression are just more available and dangerous than they have been in a long time,“

„All of those things are much more advanced right now by an order of magnitude than they were centuries ago,“ Murphy says. „Nowadays [surveillance] is done almost automatically — every time you hit the keyboard on your computer or every time you walk by a camera on the street.“

If you open a modern day interrogation manual for the police force or the military and place an interrogation manual from the Spanish Inquisition by its side, Murphy says, you’d be shocked by the similarities.

„There isn’t a trick that is used nowadays that wasn’t in use by the Inquisition. The psychology of interrogation, the ruses that people would use when you’re questioning, there’s nothing new under the sun when it comes to interrogation,“ he says.

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