Deforestation is the main cause for global warming

The first cause may be deforestation.

industry gargabe and pollution, overpopulation plus the high energy usage makes heat, deforestation.

In healthy intact ecosystems and primary forests you have lot lot more vegetation, this makes that the sun rays dont hit the Earth surface directy, the heat is absorbed in the vegetation. If the heat is conservated in the earth it becomes like a heating that delivers heat constantly. If you imagine, that we have up to 100% intact ecosystems, and not like now 10-20%, it absorbs gigantic amounts of heat, clouds are built, absorb even more. In forests it is always some degrees cooler in the warm periods. Approx. 50% of world forests were killed in the last 2000 years of ‚civilisation‘ and sick christianity religion of hate against nature. what did you think will happen. overpopulation is caused by the papal party, jesuits, opus dei aso, the wars are caused by the same zionist elite and prohibit systematically that environmentalism can even be discussed.


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