World end or godlike powers

Look religion is prescribed today, it is prescribed by scholars, by their translations which the people must accept. The system controls and creates the religion, the people must swallow it. The most terrible forgery of the holy song of Voeluspa, its interpretation is prescribed today by scholars and their most evil translation of forged text, that even foist the nature loving pagans to work towards a ‚world end‘, which is not even written in the text of the song. Only through some miraclous word tricks, which indeed make the whole song fully senseless, a translation holding ‚world end‘ was made possible… ragna rok, doesnt mean world end at all, its the must perverted and stupid and senseless variation and interpretation you could ever choose for ‚ragna rok/roekr‘. In truth it means ‚to conjure caring‘. And it holds an inner truth of magics, that also should not be made public under westeners and was covered up in the same time as they are suggesting pagans the should would work towards the destruction of the Earth through the monotheists. Their interpretation and translation makes the whole content of the song fully senseless through the whole song, while this are the holy songs of the pagans that were evolved over millenia and make so much sense, that if you get understanding you reach godlike powers.


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