Technological complex, monotheist conspiracy one way street into nothing

On the other side is only nature religion and total harmony with the nature as a whole and all beings in particular. The nature of the planet can renew itself now, it would be the most wunderful thing for every one. There are only this two ways, eighter complete control of the consciousness through the technological complex and a uncontrollable world conspiracy or complete natural life which includes the complete destruction of anything working against it.

The simple fact, that HAARP and mind control technologies exist makes it to everyone very clear, that THE TECHNOLOGICAL COMPLEX MUST FULLY BE DESTROYED. This is a one way street that is getting thinner every second and around is NOTHING. IT IS NOTHING you fucking idiots, what do you think? There is no harmony no love. You are here in the most terrible situation and its getting worser every second. 99% of humanity are completely stupid unable to think or establish the simplest conclusion.

You think the imagination of the film matrix is worse? You take that and multiply it with 100’000 and end up in what is if the technological complex further develops.

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