The soul

The nature of things
If the soul is indefinite then there is no supreme being, it means you can overcome anything. It is a opposition in the doctrine. This is because the monotheists forced monotheism upon it. The soul is coming from indo-german religion. The one god is coming from judaism.

There is only one truth. Is the soul endless or the onegod supreme? Do you decide for the soul or for its subjugation? Is the endless soul existing or the doctrine erronous? The soul, superior over anything, materialism or spirituality? Only one truth, you need to decide. Or is that also an error now? Errors in truth? Either monotheism, judaic one god, destruction of planets and colonialism or you decide for the nature of the Earth, the nature of things and the endlessness of the soul.

The world-conspiracy is monotheism. Scroll down to get the relevant information.


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