We honor Hugo Chavez

It is very sad that Hugo Chavez died. Please imagine what he would say to us today concerning his cancer, he would like his vice-president alert you, that there is a world wide zionist and monotheist conspiracy that has inflicted this cancer in him 2 years ago.

The vice-president also spoke of a plot against Venezuela, saying he had no doubt that Mr Chavez’s cancer, first diagnosed in 2011, had been induced by foul play by Venezuela’s enemies – the US promptly rejected the accusations as „absurd“.

He said a scientific commission could one day investigate whether Mr Chavez’s illness was brought about by what he called an enemy attack.

Two US diplomats had been expelled from the country for spying on Venezuela’s military, he added.


Chavez Opposition in Venezuela is not accepting Chavez follower as President, Opposition politicians dont receive salary because they don’t accept Maduro.


World end or godlike powers

Look religion is prescribed today, it is prescribed by scholars, by their translations which the people must accept. The system controls and creates the religion, the people must swallow it. The most terrible forgery of the holy song of Voeluspa, its interpretation is prescribed today by scholars and their most evil translation of forged text, that even foist the nature loving pagans to work towards a ‚world end‘, which is not even written in the text of the song. Only through some miraclous word tricks, which indeed make the whole song fully senseless, a translation holding ‚world end‘ was made possible… ragna rok, doesnt mean world end at all, its the must perverted and stupid and senseless variation and interpretation you could ever choose for ‚ragna rok/roekr‘. In truth it means ‚to conjure caring‘. And it holds an inner truth of magics, that also should not be made public under westeners and was covered up in the same time as they are suggesting pagans the should would work towards the destruction of the Earth through the monotheists. Their interpretation and translation makes the whole content of the song fully senseless through the whole song, while this are the holy songs of the pagans that were evolved over millenia and make so much sense, that if you get understanding you reach godlike powers.





Tod dem judeochristlichen Folterkomplex

Die Entwicklung der Bewusstseinssteuerungstechnologie laesst nur eine Schlussfolgerung zu, dass alle moderne Technologie zerstoert werden muss. Ihr koennt euch gerne in diese Einbahnstrasse begeben. Es wird fuer euch und eure Nachkommen die schlimmste Folter sein, die man sich vorstellen kann. Jede Stimmung, jeder Gedanke und jedes Gefuehl, das nicht tut was das System vorschreibt wird eliminiert.

Zombie ist die genaueste Beschreibung. Ich wuensche viel Spass im Leben mit dem judeochristlichen Folterkomplex. Die Menschen kontrollieren wie Maschinen mit Signalen und Loops, Befehlen wie eine Programmiersprache. In Zukunft wird der Mensch, Gehirn und Bewusstsein von Maschinen und genau wie eine Maschine gesteuert und kontrolliert. Das wird ohne Zweifel geschehen wenn nicht die Judeochristliche Partei komplett aufgeloest wird und alle Technologie zerstoert wird. In Zukunft kommt entweder die Natur zuerst und der Respekt vor den Wesen, mit allen Konsequenzen die das mit sich bringt, oder es wird so geschehen. Das Verhalten der judeochristlichen Partei in der Geschichte und der gegenwaertige Stand der Bewusstseinssteuerungstechnologie laesst gar keine andere Schlussfolgerung zu, diese Kreuzritter, juedische und italienische Mafia, Christentum und Judentum haben die Bewusstseinssteuerungstechnologie DAFUER ENTWICKELT… Wenn sie weiterbestehen werden sie es zweifellos einsetzen, das tun sie ja schon seit Jahrzehnten!Und es wird seit Jahrzehnten weiterperfektioniert. Es kann nur noch viel viel schlimmer werden mit jeder Weiterentwicklung und jeder Sekunde, die verstreicht mit dieser Partei der Monotheisten / Suprematisten und dieser Technologie.

Technological complex, monotheist conspiracy one way street into nothing

On the other side is only nature religion and total harmony with the nature as a whole and all beings in particular. The nature of the planet can renew itself now, it would be the most wunderful thing for every one. There are only this two ways, eighter complete control of the consciousness through the technological complex and a uncontrollable world conspiracy or complete natural life which includes the complete destruction of anything working against it.

The simple fact, that HAARP and mind control technologies exist makes it to everyone very clear, that THE TECHNOLOGICAL COMPLEX MUST FULLY BE DESTROYED. This is a one way street that is getting thinner every second and around is NOTHING. IT IS NOTHING you fucking idiots, what do you think? There is no harmony no love. You are here in the most terrible situation and its getting worser every second. 99% of humanity are completely stupid unable to think or establish the simplest conclusion.

You think the imagination of the film matrix is worse? You take that and multiply it with 100’000 and end up in what is if the technological complex further develops.

The soul

The nature of things
If the soul is indefinite then there is no supreme being, it means you can overcome anything. It is a opposition in the doctrine. This is because the monotheists forced monotheism upon it. The soul is coming from indo-german religion. The one god is coming from judaism.

There is only one truth. Is the soul endless or the onegod supreme? Do you decide for the soul or for its subjugation? Is the endless soul existing or the doctrine erronous? The soul, superior over anything, materialism or spirituality? Only one truth, you need to decide. Or is that also an error now? Errors in truth? Either monotheism, judaic one god, destruction of planets and colonialism or you decide for the nature of the Earth, the nature of things and the endlessness of the soul.

The world-conspiracy is monotheism. Scroll down to get the relevant information. https://www.facebook.com/EchteRevolutionJetzt