Human-Experimentation and Torture by American and Western Governments, what we know

Maybe the best information about the secret torture programs of the monotheist Governments. This release of information on this kind of human experimentation can mean the end for the west. What they are doing secretly is so incredible tremendous and brutal, that is not excusable by anything. This governments try to shift the blame and and coverup by saying that is done to protect the jews. The jews and monotheist control the system since 2000 years, they have done such a huge damage to every human alive, exterminated so much species already and now try to say they would be the victim of some nazis and therefor would be allowed to do anything they want and keep on doing this tremendous torture and mass murder and destruction of whole planet ecosystems.

The civilization must immediately be brought down and completely destroyed. Anyone trying to build it up again, or protecting the technological complex or preserving the technology must be killed.

All secret agents, secret orders people all these scientists and corrupt academics working for the complex are outlawed.

They must all be killed that the beings of the Earth can live in harmony again.

The New Phoenix Program II (1hr20min) full


‚to cough, spit or bring their hand in their face, in order to sensitive me to these behaviors and have me diagnosed as mentally ill‘

I would say 80% of these profiles and accounts that use the trigger of having their hand in the face in the profile image, in facebook fe., are doing it on purpose and are working for the governments / monotheists. That are very much people… They kill victims with this… ever heard of torture with a feather. Think its funny to be killed with a feather, it isnt, it may take decades…

In torture is the rule, the smaller the needle the greater the pain… The christians monotheists and their governments, their needle is coughing, touching in their face… it may take up to 60 years to kill someone with that and it will be absolutley the most brutal thing you could ever imagine…

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