Uncovering the Forgery of Voluspa, how and why

The key to the understanding of the manipulation of the Voluspa lies in the understanding of the christian intentions. They, secret services of the vatican, christians and monotheists, want to stop pagans to love the nature, and they want to stop pagans to protect the beings of the Earth, so they can go on with their plan of Apocalypse and extermination of all lifeforms. Their vision is clearly to exterminate all life on Earth and therefor they have done their prophecies. Now, if the original religion of the people has in its prophecies that all will be good, and the Earth prosper and grow wild (after the cleaning of the sickness supremacism, monotheism) and the new forced upon, and fake state religion of the monotheits say in the prophecies to completely destroy the Earth, there would be great denial and also disdain from the people against the fake religion and also against their plans and vision. Therefor they change mostly the prophetic texts of these ancient pagans, but also everything else that is explaining magics, and nature love. All aspects of nature love should be turned into contrary, therefor they integrate greed… after gold… when its said ‚better than gold‘ in snorri, its not mentoined in regius and hausbok, then there is very important patriarchy instead of MATRIARCHY or equality in the Voluspa, in a song about a women and from a woman and so on.

Now if we know these intentions, and we compare it with critical text parts, that may have been forged, then we find a lot very obvious manipulations of the text. Also if we compare it with the interpretations of the people and with the text parts are taken today to ‚prove‘ to ’neopagans‘ that pagans wouldnt have cared about the beings and lifeforms, we see accurately, how the forgery was done. For example the ‚Ask ok Emblu‘ forgery, is taken by very much people to ‚proove‘ that Odin would be the ‚creator‘, and more important, that Odin would give soul only to humans… In fact Odin didnt create Yggdrasil, he found it and helped Yggdrasil to live. This is very important, he is helping her live and is healing her. That Odin would give soul only to humans is but nature hate and the contrary of what we know nature religions are. Therefor it makes it very obvious that these text parts are systematically taken, mistranslated and misinterpreted by some ‚parties‘ to manipulate the morality of so called pagans.

Its important to think into the situation of how these songs have reached present day. First they were sung, writers have written it down. While singing syllables are swallowed, writers interpret it and maybe already change parts of the songs to integrate their own will. But, the songs are authentic in the overall. That we see from the structure and from that very much is very authentic. Also its important to understand, that the snorri was made public very fast, and that duplications were created very fast, so it was NOT POSSIBLE to forge it. Same with the Hauksbok, to some amount. Hauksbok became public around 1300, i dont know exactly and copies were made, it was absolutely impossible from then on, to forge it. Not the regius, became public 1643 and was 300 years in the hands of the christian elite, Rabelais, Nostradamus aso. Now when we compare these versions, we find out, HOW THEY are forging it, and they are doing it, by changing some words and some letters. So there will be several versions, but with in critical places differing meanings. The corrupt and lazy and freemasons aso, these fake pagan persons and ‚authorities‘, that with every word they say try to justifiy and protect the monotheist idea of the destruction of the planet, will then always and only stick to the regius, and also say: these are our holy texts and we take everything dogmatic like the christians. From the regius…

That the Voluspa was forged is proven by the fact, that Nostradamus admitted to have forged, burnt and replicated prophetic texts of pagans in masses. He was quite sure also involved in the ‚degeneration‘ of the Voluspa.
From https://echterevolution.wordpress.com/ translated to english

When Nostradamus was old and knew, that the work, that has taken decades of his life, was finished, he collected all his records, notes, BOOKS and DOCUMENTS – Records of his livelong secret prophecies – and burnt it to cinder.
Under these papers were COPIES OF CENTURIES OLD MYSTERIOUS MANUSCRIPTS AND BOOKS (Note: probably also originals of the Voluspa… Regius) in which the ritual methods of foretelling was explained. Also those he destoyed out of fear, they would get into wrong hands…(Note: yes ours…)

Source: http://www.onlinehoroskope.de/geschichten/nostradamus.htm

Citation from Nostradamus letter to his son Caesar

Like also some books, that were COVERED FOR LONG CENTURIES and WERE NOT MADE PUBLIC. But fearing, what would come, i have made them a present to Vulcan, in the meantime, as he was consuming them with burning flame, the air a express a unusual clearness, brighter than natural flame.
That in the end with the appearance no abuse is going on, i carried out the perfect CONVERSION, both subtile as lonely. I have CHANGED INTO CINDER, and underground, undestructible metalls and secret waves. (Note: secret waves = magics, meaning he ‚destroyed‘ it, by destroying these documentations of magics.)

Source: http://nostradamus-prophezeiungen.de/centurien/caesard.html

Human-Experimentation and Torture by American and Western Governments, what we know

Maybe the best information about the secret torture programs of the monotheist Governments. This release of information on this kind of human experimentation can mean the end for the west. What they are doing secretly is so incredible tremendous and brutal, that is not excusable by anything. This governments try to shift the blame and and coverup by saying that is done to protect the jews. The jews and monotheist control the system since 2000 years, they have done such a huge damage to every human alive, exterminated so much species already and now try to say they would be the victim of some nazis and therefor would be allowed to do anything they want and keep on doing this tremendous torture and mass murder and destruction of whole planet ecosystems.

The civilization must immediately be brought down and completely destroyed. Anyone trying to build it up again, or protecting the technological complex or preserving the technology must be killed.

All secret agents, secret orders people all these scientists and corrupt academics working for the complex are outlawed.

They must all be killed that the beings of the Earth can live in harmony again.

The New Phoenix Program II (1hr20min) full


‚to cough, spit or bring their hand in their face, in order to sensitive me to these behaviors and have me diagnosed as mentally ill‘

I would say 80% of these profiles and accounts that use the trigger of having their hand in the face in the profile image, in facebook fe., are doing it on purpose and are working for the governments / monotheists. That are very much people… They kill victims with this… ever heard of torture with a feather. Think its funny to be killed with a feather, it isnt, it may take decades…

In torture is the rule, the smaller the needle the greater the pain… The christians monotheists and their governments, their needle is coughing, touching in their face… it may take up to 60 years to kill someone with that and it will be absolutley the most brutal thing you could ever imagine…