The Holy Songs are sung!

The holy songs of the ancient pagans. The whole soul and heart of the religion is narrated with them… This is a holy thing. That’s also why the songs were tried to be conserved in the writings of the Edda by Snorri Sturlusonar in the year 1220, because they tell the whole nature of the old religions. Sadly most Europeans have lost their connection to their true pagan heritage. This songs were thousands of years evolved by our ancestors.  Perfectly fitting for our people. Explaining all you need to know. A huge diversity of traditions. This is of the holiest things to Pagans, specifically european and indo-germanic. It is a problem that most don’t have the melodies and the harmonies anymore.

BUT THEY ARE SUNG! We have the right to hear them! They tell the original story of the Edda, from the Norse Gods. These holy songs are from a European Indo-Germanic Pagan folk of the North. This is the nearest you can get geographically and culturally to the Songs of the ancestors, brought to us by the Baltic folks. These songs were evolved over more than 5000 years and they come directly from the heart of our ancient pagan ancestors! This is your pagan ancestors explaining you exactly what you need to know, the Gods. Listen carefully…

It is this radio station. only some of  the songs are really so old, but this is the true „Edda“ Tradition.

Sprechen tut man mit dem Mund