What happened to the Anti-Eschatology Movement… Asatru?

Big parts of humanity is working on the destruction of the biosphere of the Earth. This is called eschatology. Its a religious dogma that can be found in many religions. They foretell the end of all life on Earth, say their great god has decided it, then all the believers are carrying it out. Its a huge conspiracy, led by the messianic elite mostly of christianity and judaism. This elite is through the jesuits, freemasons, templars, kabalists and other sects the greatest world power. Yet this is very clear to a lot humans, as such prophecies and the extermination can’t be covered up so easy… But why is there no anti-eschatology movement? Big parts of humanity are willingly planned and systematically exterminating all life on Earth AND THERE IS NO COUNTER MOVEMENT AT ALL? Search anti-eschatology in google, delivers 20 entries… How is it possible, that there are hundreds of idiotic political movements and counter movements, but the strongest party on the planet, which is exterminating that planet and everyone knows it… HAS NO COUNTERMOVEMENT AT ALL? HOW IS IT POSSIBLE?

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