What would you say, if you can speak to all humans

I ask you, my Friend, if you would have the chance to one time speak to all humans directly, or a wide part of it, what would you tell them?

Yet the pope, papacy, christian and monotheist elites have this opportunity. Please imagine what effect it has on the development of the planet as a whole, if you can speak to all humans directly.

If you can that you can change the development on long term into directions. Now… what is the pope telling the people? „To fill the earth and to suppress it“ (Bible). First we need to think what does it mean? To fill the earth? And then to suppress it and the other non-human beings on the planet? What consequences does it have to teach something like that to large parts of humanity, in schools, tv propaganda and with his messages that the papacy gives out in the mass media? The christians are trying to kill the earth again. They also say, that nature is the enemy of god, they say humans would have dominion over all other beings, they say apocalypse that they want to erase all life on the planet, they say that abortion and contraception are prohibited and that the climate conferences should be about humans and not about the other beings. Only humanity, that means the christians want to use the climate conferences to further expand and destroy all other species and live on the planet.

But we go back and i ask you what would you tell all the humans if you would have the chance. I would tell them: Make a good life, care about the living beings, support and sustain the nature. Hold the balance in the nature between growth of your own kind and the living and interests of the non-human beings. Fight those that are against the nature and the beings and do evil to the beings.

Thats what the pope should do, but christianity was always corrupted and was only intended for corruption and greed. Anybody that really takes responsibility for the planet and the beings needs to fight because its the most irresponsible thing to let something like that exist on a living planet.

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