The Best Healing Effect Imaginable

Theoretically all is very simple. If the technology outlasts and if this monotheistic doctrines of nature hate and intolerance survive, they will use their knowledge about the mind and soul control, behavior control and other academic branches, to suppress and control humanity in ways where it will not be possible to revolve or accomplish the will of the people. This problem is not solvable by politics… they have already infiltrated every democratic movement worldwide. If this conspiracy or mafia behind it can outlast and if the technological system outlasts, there will not be any way to avoid, that they are subverting and undermining every good attempt. Its not possible at all… They are not joking this is no kindergarten its about the planet that is our home the earth… and they are killing it planned and systematic. The only ways to fight this mafia / prophecy conspiracy / abrahamitic monotheistic elite are these three rules:
1. Destruction of all technology and all knowledge about technology.
2. Destruction of all nature hate. Destruction and forbiddance of monotheistic religions as they are the breeding group for this party. Their justification is transported through the doctrine of a intolerant god that does not tolerate or accept other beings have influence and does not allow the power of the people and the harmony with the earth. They are the source for the prophecy conspiracy and if they outlast their prophecies (apocalypse) will with them, and by this they will go on trying to destroy the earth.
3. Decentralization. The communities need to destroy any structure that wants to unify or centralize, may it be in religion, ideologies, economics or anything else. Structures and interest groups and everything else has to stay strictly in the borders of the community. If some start to build overlapping structures they and their structures get outlawed and everyone has the right to kill them and take everything away from them.

This is the way how it can be achieved that real democracy can emerge. Remember democracy means government by the people. Its not in the peoples interest that the whole earth dies. This problem can be solved in this way and maybe only in this way, and it will be the fastest and most sustainable solution that exists… Think about what healing it would be for the earth if technology would be dismissed from one day to another? There is no better healing effect imaginable…


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