To muslims, most heathens are your friends. Fundamentalist christians and jews are the problem not the heathens.

To the muslim friends,

As you can see there are some heathens that are on your side in the fight against the fundamentalist christian and jews and their conspiratorial and corrupt elite. The enemies of our enemies are our friends. Please keep that in mind, that some heathens are your friends while some seem to be the friends of the corrupted christian / jewish elite. Please also keep in mind, that there are very much parties in the west, that are against the doings of the americans and israelis and that most of the small countries simply have not the power to withstand the US aggressive tactics and secret service oppression. But it is not all people from the west that are against you, but it is sadly our elites.

Also please keep in mind that this messianic, monolithic conspiracy will try and is already corrupting your elites! They plan it since years and are in this moment trying to infiltrate your elites to make them conspiring with the messianic elite, that are the real problem in this world.

I hope everything will turn to good and in a tolerant and healthy society. I wish all of us the best.


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