how we can defeat this shape shifting messianic monolithic conspiracy

its also very important to understand that they are or have become a conspiracy, that has so huge power, that it is very difficult to deal with. lets play it trough, we say, the monotheists lay away their doctrine of intolerance for a moment in public, but the conspiracy stays in power and the technology and imperium ist not changed or touched. The consequence would be that they would in some hundred years restore the doctrine of intolerance and monotheism. The result would be that it doesn’t bring the end of monotheism and would only be some avocation, because the conspiracy can outlast. That means the real question is how we can defeat this shape shifting messianic monolithic conspiracy. The only way to do it, is by destroying the imperium and their structures, and make it impossible for them to further hide behind monotheism, and make it impossible for them to build centralized structures. The consequence would also be that they are not allowed to further communicate in anyway over the boundaries of small communities. That can only be done be destroying all technology, that they use to communicate. If they can communicate from one part of the world to another it will be absolutely impossible to even scratch on their power. They would corrupt everything and conspire over great distances without delay. So the only possibility is as far as their are no other real concepts, to destroy the conspiracy by decentralization, destruction of monotheism as their breeding ground and by the destruction of all technology, that means tribal society. Which would also quite immediately heal this world, its the fastest and most secure way to solve all our problems. There is not other way that is faster and more secure and sustainable. Its about a planet… you don’t want to take responsibility for the destruction of planets. these are dimensions that you can not imagine, this planet is a living being with millions of souls that will all curse you forever for that eradication. 27000 species every years eradicated, 3 every hour, this point is reached and its not ok to further tolerate or approve that. The only chance are that people really get a real revolution now, for the Earth and the beings of the planet with no in-consequence or cut backs what so ever


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