To muslims, most heathens are your friends. Fundamentalist christians and jews are the problem not the heathens.

To the muslim friends,

As you can see there are some heathens that are on your side in the fight against the fundamentalist christian and jews and their conspiratorial and corrupt elite. The enemies of our enemies are our friends. Please keep that in mind, that some heathens are your friends while some seem to be the friends of the corrupted christian / jewish elite. Please also keep in mind, that there are very much parties in the west, that are against the doings of the americans and israelis and that most of the small countries simply have not the power to withstand the US aggressive tactics and secret service oppression. But it is not all people from the west that are against you, but it is sadly our elites.

Also please keep in mind that this messianic, monolithic conspiracy will try and is already corrupting your elites! They plan it since years and are in this moment trying to infiltrate your elites to make them conspiring with the messianic elite, that are the real problem in this world.

I hope everything will turn to good and in a tolerant and healthy society. I wish all of us the best.

Indications and evidences that Freemasonry, Monotheistic Elite, Monarchies are the real pedophile ring

„Coverup at the highest level“  „spreads out like a spider web … right at the steps of the white house “ „most powerful and richest businessmen in america“ „compromising the politicians, compromising the businessmen“

Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary), maybe you take this information first, then research about the maltese order which is the top layer of freemasonry and only people with monarchist blood can join. The duke of kent which is probably the top person of the freemason hierarchy, is english monarchist. The queen of england, together with the pope  and others on the top level of monotheism, are accused in a public trial for raping and murdering mohawk children. These children were  killed in masonic rites. It happened since colonization until 1970, approx. 50% of the mohawk children where killed in this manner! The numbers are huge. Its not only a systematic genocide, these children are killed in very horrible ways under great pain and fear. The queen was seen taking 10 mohawk children with her, these have never been seen again. The victims were imprisoned in christian schools.

It did not only happen with the mohawk, sadly this happens all over the world with indigenous and pagan children. This monotheistic network of christian orders systematically minimizes the populations of the indigenous people worldwide. The children are used for child trafficking and pedophile rings all over the world. The numbers are huge and can only be estimated. This is the greatest genocide ever happened on this planet and yet it is completely unknown to humanity and this is lasting! Still today this is happening daily, death squads all over the world are keeping up this horrible pressure on the pagan population. The methods vary very much, they have a very diverse culture when it comes to torture and genocide.

Private companies

Brazilian loggers ‚tied eight-year-old Amazonian tribe girl to a tree and burned her alive‘

Pinochet was brought into Power by the top vatican order Opus Dei.

In 1977, Antonio Millape, a Mapuche, testified before the United Nations on the methods by which the regime’s objectives were already being achieved: „Go to any Mapuche home today, and you will find the dog outside will not bark, because it is too weak. If you go inside you will find one or more children lying sick, dying of starvation. There may be more children outside, and they will tell you their parents are not at home. Do not believe them. If you go inside you will find them, too, dying of starvation and extreme malnutrition. This is the form of extermination today, under Pinochet

On the usage of smallpox as a biological weapon in the colonisation of the americas. One evidence of the targeted use of smallpox as a weapon. The consequences were horrible.

On June 29, 1763, a week after the siege began, Bouquet was preparing to lead an expedition to relieve Fort Pitt when he received a letter from Amherst making the following proposal: „Could it not be contrived to send the smallpox among the disaffected tribes of Indians? We must on this occasion use every stratagem in our power to reduce them.“ [1]

Bouquet agreed, writing back to Amherst on July 13, 1763: „I will try to inoculate the bastards with some blankets that may fall into their hands, and take care not to get the disease myself.“ Amherst responded favorably on July 16, 1763: „You will do well to inoculate the Indians by means of blankets, as well as every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race.“[2]

an estimate of approximately 30 million people in 1492 (…) Latin America (…) pre-Columbian high of an estimated four million to some 300,000.

The Aboriginal population of Canada during the late 15th century is estimated to have been between 200,000[7] and two million,[8] with a figure of 500,000 (…) They were reduced to fewer than 10,000 people.[10]

Then you research about the vatican and how they are systematically covering up the pedophilia in their clergy and it becomes very clear that this network of freemasonry, kabalists, messianic and monotheistic sects are in fact the pedophile network that is also in europe letting children disappear that never get seen again, and that this pedophile party is protected by the governments and the top layers in economy and politics…​watch?v=CUGOxFdwW-w

Mord ohne Leiche – Der Fall Kindermord an Peggy

peggy knobloch a german girl that disappeared, the corpse was found, the person alerting the police has proved under hypnosis having seen the corpse, as the police arrived or because it arrived the corpse himself disappeared. it was blamed on a disabled man. This man is now since 10 years in a psychiatry and never got released.​watch?v=-xFIkxAq1Xs
Catholic Church Pedophilia Horrors in Belgium
Sep 11, 2010, AFP. No congregation escaped Belgian sex abuse. „It’s the Church’s…·​watch?v=X6g5ENqgf5M&feature=rel​ated
Marc Dutroux: Monster of Belgium (Documentary)
Marc Dutroux Serial Killers Documentary

the information on very much covers the pedophilia of the queen of england and having said that the freemasons are on the top level the english monarchy and other monarchies like the spanish, its obvious that the freemasons are a network that is also here to cover up this ring. They execute the power of the monarchies, we are not in a democracy we are in a monarchy and in theocratic states that are ruled through the freemasons by the monarchies and the monotheistic elite. The top level does it the low levels are here to cover it up and do the dirty work. Its like the mafia. They are all in on it, and the pedophilia is only one very brutal and backstabbing part. more important is that these freemasons are the shadow-government and that they are executing the plans of the monotheists / messianic sects to destroy the planet as described on the front page of this blog.

so we go back to wicca, and the result is, that one of the biggest neo pagan religions was ruled and grounded by persons that were part of freemasonry. If also only on low levels and as we believe with no knowledge of what would all be uncovered in the future, Gerald Gardener and Aleister Crowley were freemasons. Both had big influence on the creation of the Wicca neopagan religion.

i mean its not the wicca that are the guilty, it is the colonization religion of christianity and the top layers of the monotheists… but these wicca got infiltrated from the very beginning be exact the parties that are the monotheist elite. Here as there more monotheists as polytheists and they call them self heathen. It can just not be that these neo pagan people are not interested in the revealing of the evil doings of the monotheist elite, i only want from you to goddamned take distance from the monotheists instead of helping them covering up.

i am only for the truth, and this was once very important for heathens and today, you guys are not showing the smallest interest in these information that could mean for heathens, that they finally get released from the torture through the monotheists. but what are you doing, you are helping the monotheists to keep up the suppression on paganism worldwide… it doesnt make sense at all, so maybe you should start to be truthful and honorable again and that means, like it has always, to fight against monotheism by all means.

VATILEAKS – The christian religion of genocide

Stop telling lies, stop defending pedofilerings, stop defending „religions“ only here for the justification of genocide, extinction of species and planets! STOP LYING: ITS NOT SATAN, NOT ILLUMINATI, NOT PAGANS, ITS ONLY YOUR OWN MONOTHEISTIC RELIGIONS!

how we can defeat this shape shifting messianic monolithic conspiracy

its also very important to understand that they are or have become a conspiracy, that has so huge power, that it is very difficult to deal with. lets play it trough, we say, the monotheists lay away their doctrine of intolerance for a moment in public, but the conspiracy stays in power and the technology and imperium ist not changed or touched. The consequence would be that they would in some hundred years restore the doctrine of intolerance and monotheism. The result would be that it doesn’t bring the end of monotheism and would only be some avocation, because the conspiracy can outlast. That means the real question is how we can defeat this shape shifting messianic monolithic conspiracy. The only way to do it, is by destroying the imperium and their structures, and make it impossible for them to further hide behind monotheism, and make it impossible for them to build centralized structures. The consequence would also be that they are not allowed to further communicate in anyway over the boundaries of small communities. That can only be done be destroying all technology, that they use to communicate. If they can communicate from one part of the world to another it will be absolutely impossible to even scratch on their power. They would corrupt everything and conspire over great distances without delay. So the only possibility is as far as their are no other real concepts, to destroy the conspiracy by decentralization, destruction of monotheism as their breeding ground and by the destruction of all technology, that means tribal society. Which would also quite immediately heal this world, its the fastest and most secure way to solve all our problems. There is not other way that is faster and more secure and sustainable. Its about a planet… you don’t want to take responsibility for the destruction of planets. these are dimensions that you can not imagine, this planet is a living being with millions of souls that will all curse you forever for that eradication. 27000 species every years eradicated, 3 every hour, this point is reached and its not ok to further tolerate or approve that. The only chance are that people really get a real revolution now, for the Earth and the beings of the planet with no in-consequence or cut backs what so ever