War against the people

its called primitive ethnocentrism. Alright these „religions“ were in fact the only real one, that weren’t corrupted and instrumentalized, it was religion coming directly from the people not from some mundane powers. When you look the history, it was only a war to destroy this what gave power and self determination to the normal people. First the mundane said: Your spirits and deities are in fact some sort of clearly defined gods, and we only believe in the ones that are defined (polytheism). so they took the first step, by not believing in the spirits of nature and the people and smallen their believe system and „pantheon“. Then if was gone further, they said, only one god exists and all other we don’t tolerate and we kill everyone that is not from our opinion (monotheism), and that was the moment where it really got intolerant and corrupt, then it got further, science has risen and they decided only to believe in what is provable so they said no god exists and spirits and souls are not existent (atheism). So if you look at it this way, it is all a war against the people and against what makes the people strong. Just where was the point when the people starting to hate nature and to fight a real war against the other beings of the planet and the nature of the planet as a whole? It was by the imperium and the religion of monotheism. The only real religion is the religion of the people and the beings and spirits and that’s shamanism or animism, which you can say are from the modern understanding not religions, because they don’t know dogmas and this stupid culture of repeating and illusions, they were really true.

To explain this if i know spirits and souls exist, i don’t fucking care about your ridiculous money and wealth, its so ridiculous in comparison to what the soul can do. If i know that and i can use the soul manipulate other souls and the spiritual world, i have really power. Mundane powers are in comparison so low level and just something for complete assholes and idiots. now, when people know that and they can manipulate the mundane with some simple thoughts and rituals… it was very dangerous for them, there were magicians that could kill a person in very short time with this sort of magics. That is why the mundane needed to break this all, and make you believe instead of knowing. its all a war against the power of the people. now when you look sokrates came and said democracy… which means the people is holding the power, that is exactly what we theoretically need. But they managed to corrupt it in the first place. Sokrates himself was killed by the corrupt elite, they buyed the judge and the judge pledged him guilty in a defamation trial. The judge decided he was guilty and sokrates was sentenced to death.

Now if we as the people want to break out of this we need to go back to the point where it really got corrupt and the believe systems of other cultures and peoples wasn’t tolerated anymore. And that happened with monotheism. That is why we need to go back to at least polytheism, where the people were allowed to have their own deities what so ever.


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